Dress Up Your Windows With Window Awnings. Go green and Reduce Heat And Glare.

Window awnings are used to shade windows or doors and come in various styles. Patio Systems’ window awnings use acrylic fabric available in up to 200 colors. All units have a white powder-coated frame and stainless steel fasteners — no unsightly galvanized pipes to rust.

Choose From One Of Our Two Styles:
Drop Arm Awning, Patio SystemsDrop Arm Awnings: Drop arm awnings are retractable shading solutions which can be either motorized or crank operated. Drop arm units are particularly suited for windows and porches where lesser projections are effective. These awnings have widths up to 30′, projections as much as 5′ and can be set at any position you desire down to as much as 160 degrees for extreme shade protection and privacy. The “drop arms” serve to stabilize the awning canopy when extended and fold up to the house when the awning rolls in. An optional self storing cassette unit completely protects the fabric and motor and is offered up to 16′ in width.

Traditional Window Awning, Delaware ShoreTraditional: Traditional window awnings are the most common type of awning you see on windows or doors. The traditional awning has closed sides and can be fixed or can fold up in the winter. You may also choose ribbed or rounded styles to add flair to your homes exterior. The advantages to Patio Systems’ traditional units are the white powder coated frame and a crisp clean look not available on pipe awnings.