Solar Shades – Another Way To Beat The Heat

Solar Shades Save Your Furniture From UV Damage…And Save You Money on Your Energy Bills.
Solar Shades, Maryland Shore, DEExterior solar shades are another solution to shade the interior of your home, prevent glare, and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading. Similar to a solar screen, they can block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. Available in a variety of colors, weaves, and styles.

Did you know that 50% of the solar heat entering a room comes through the glass in your windows? This accounts for approximately 20% of the load on your air conditioner. Blocking your windows from the outside with solar shades just makes sense… and cents! Add to this monthly saving the fact that you are reducing the wear on your air conditioner… cutting down the need for costly repairs and maintenance… and getting solar shades becomes an economical must.

It’s Time You Decided How Much World To Let Into Your Home.
Fiberglass motor solar shadePeople sometimes worry that adding solar shades or solar screens will reduce their visibility to the outside world. Though you certainly can block out the world if you wanted, today’s solar shades are not only made of acrylic exterior awning fabric but also can use PVC coated polyester or a fiberglass screen. That means you can choose anywhere from 5% to 40% openness to control how much light you want in you home.

Since the solar shades retract — either manually or with motorized options — you can choose to let the full world in or out as you choose, whenever you choose. The shades glide along stainless steel tracks, cables, or heavy duty aluminum extruded tracks available in white frames. All our shades roll up completely into a protective powder coated cassette.