Customize Your Awning

Remote Control is available on all units and multi-zone remotes can operate several awnings from one hand held or wall mounted device.

Wireless Wind Sensor can be used with any remote control motor to detect movement of the front bar and retract the awning automatically. Somfy has just perfected their new 3-D motion detection for added reliability. The Eko with torque sensing motor option uses a spinning wind sensor to detect the wind speed. All wind sensors are adjustable in their sensitivity.

Telescopic Leg Braces are available to use in windier conditions and temporarily fasten the front bar of the awning to the deck or patio. These poles can be quickly detached before retraction is possible.

Vario valence is a roll down shade which drops from inside the oversized front bar to gain additional protection from the rising or setting sun. The fabric can be a polyester mesh with a 65% sunblock or acrylic material to match the main canopy.

Lightbar option fastens to the bottom of the oversized front bar and adds mood lighting below the awning.