Choose The Sunroom Or Porch Enclosure Built To Last

Workmanship Can Vary Greatly.
Sunroom, Porch Enclosure, Sussex CountyIn the past, porch enclosures have been built by hand or “stick built” as the method of construction is called. This process can take months to complete and requires the skills of many different tradespeople coming and going. Quality control is often left to the general contractor’s discretion since there are so many grades of materials including framing, drywall, windows, doors, siding and even sealants. Materials are often left out in the weather for extended periods where they may deteriorate. Workmanship can vary dramatically and pricing can vary greatly from quote to quote. You, the homeowner, may get a great job with good materials and labor, or you may not. Only the test of time will tell.

So We Take The Variables Out Of Building.
Patio Systems pre manufactured sunroomEnter the Patio Systems’ pre-manufactured sunroom addition. This modular method of construction has swept the nation through the past several years and is a far cry from the flimsy Florida rooms of the past. Made entirely of maintenance free materials, factory cut to exacting tolerances our enclosures or porch conversion systems are just that – a system. Nothing is left to chance when your enclosure is 90% built indoors, packaged and shipped to your home. Installation time is reduced to days rather than months, offering far less intrusion into your lifestyle.

Each enclosure is custom make to fit onto your deck, into your porch or built from the ground up. The variety of glass options, roof styles, colors are offered to enhance your living space while bringing the outdoors inside. Shingled roofs match your home to blend the sunroom in as part of the original house. Maximum glass and ventilation allow for the greatest enjoyment of your sunroom.